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*Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, the captive conservation of giant pandas.
*Wenshu Temple , Chengdu's largest and best-preserved Buddhist temple.dates back to the Tang dynasty.
*Jinsha Ruins Museum, the splendid culture of the ancient Shu Kingdom 3,000 years ago.
*Sanxindui Museum, explore the civilization of Yangtze River upstream.
*Qingyang Palace, a famed Taoist temple in China, is in the beautiful and cultural relic laden city Chengdu.
*River-Viewing Pavilion Park,a good place for the local people to drink tea and play Taichi or Chinese Gongfu.
*Kuanxiangzi (wide lane) and Zhaixiangzi (narrow lane), the old culture of Chengdu.
*Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum, the residence of the great poet of Tang.
*Wuhou Temple Museum, an ancestral temple with a history covering over one-thousand-years.
*Jinli Old Street, originally built as a commercial street during the Shu Kingdom (221 A.D.-263 A.D.).
*Dujiangyan Irrigation system is one of the world first irrigation systems and World Cultural Heritage.
*Mt.Qingcheng ratified as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO,the head stream and initiator  of Chinese Taoism.

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Best Season:All year round
Popular Location: Chengdu Panda Base,Kuangzhaixiangzi old streets,Jingli old streets

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