Thangka Paintings

Thangka PaintingsAs handicraft works specific to Tibetan people, Thangka (táng kǎ 唐卡) paintings refer to scrolled paintings mounted with satin fabric. Tibetan people mount these religious scrolled paintings with satin, then hang them up and worship them. People are used to hanging up the Thangka in the Tibetan palaces, temples or the residential areas. Nowadays, Thangka paintings are no longer as mysterious as before. Instead, they demonstrate to the whole world the exquisite techniques and wisdom of Tibetan people. Every stroke in Thangka paintings embodies the superb techniques of the artists as well as the respectful attitude towards Tibetan Buddhism. As Buddha images easiest to take along and worship, Thangka paintings are very useful in the religious sense. They are well-received both by numerous disciples and now by collectors.