Conference interpreter: Mr. Wu Zhimeng


Experienced simultaneous interpreter and translator
Strong academic background in translation studies.
Enthusiastic, positive and self-motivated
Simultaneous interpreter for United Nations World Tourism Organization( UNWTO) 22nd session of General Assembly


Sept.2003—July 2006 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Master degree of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

Professional Experience

December 19th -23rd 2016 , China-Israel Workshop on Health Emergency Management Simultaneous Interpretation

December 14th -16th 2016 , China-South Asia Legal Forum Simultaneous Interpreting
Seminar on China- ASEAN Legal Reform and Collaboration on Cyber Finance Simultaneous Interpreting

December 8th 2016 , China Bitumen Trade Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

December 7th 2016 , The 2nd China-UK Collective Licensing Seminar Simultaneous Interpreting

December 1st 2016 , The 2nd International Forrest Healing Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

November 17th 2016 , 2016 International Design and Branding Symposium Simultaneous Interpreting

November 11th 2016 , The 1st Italy Advantageous Industry Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

November 8th 2016 , Asian Education Forum Annual Meeting Simultaneous Interpreting

November 5th 2016 , The 2nd World Water Valley and First Wenchuan Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

November 4th 2016 ,WCIF The 4th Hanwang Forum: International Cooperation of Emergency Industry Simultaneous Interpreting

November 3rd 2016 ,WCIF International Emergency Industry Development Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

November 2nd 2016 ,WCIF Private Sector and High end Industry Cooperation Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

November 1st 2016 ,Tianfu Finance Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

October 29th 2016 ,International Regenerative Medicine and Health Industry Forum & International Experimental Biology and Medicine Conference Simultaneous Interpreting Participated by 2012 Nobel Prize Laureate Sir John Gurdon

October 20th 2016 , International Data Integrity Workshop-Non-Sterile Products Simultaneous Interpreting

October 14th 2016 , International Data Integrity Workshop-Non-Sterile Products Simultaneous Interpreting

October 11th 2016 , China-US Clean Energy Research Center-2016 ACTC Joint Meeting Simultaneous Interpreting

September 29th 2016 , EU Innovation Policy Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

September 28th 2016 , China-Europe Seminar on Human Rights Simultaneous Interpreting

September 22nd 2016 , Asia Pacific Youth Dialogue Simultaneous Interpreting

September 19th -20th 2016, World Tourism Cities Federation Chongqing Fragrant Hills Tourism Summit Simultaneous Interpreting

September 12th ,2016 Green Development Consultation Meeting of Sichuan and UNIDO Simultaneous Interpreting
Particpated by Mr Li yong, DG of UNIDO of UN

September 10th ,2016 Staryway Radiosurgery Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

September 8th -9th ,2016Chinal Supply Chain Management Forum and 7th CSCMP China Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

September 3rd ,2016 CPIC Annual Customers Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

September 2nd ,2016 SAIC Volkswagen Press Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

August 11th ,2016 Guangan Huaying Mountain Travel Festival Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

July 30th ,2016 Venture JingrongHui Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

July 26th -28th ,2016 Seminar On Planning of Tianfu New Area Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

July 13th ,2016 PVC Plasticizer Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

June 27th ,2016 Asia Energy Cooperation Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

June 25th ,2016 GIEF First Science Park Roundtable Meeting Simultaneous Interpreting

June 24th ,2016 GIEF Innovation Capital and Capital Innovation Forum Simultaneous Interpreting

June 17th ,The 3rd China-US Real Estate Summit Forum(Chengdu) Simultaneous Interpreting

June 16th ,CDHT-Microsoft Strategic Cooperation Memo Signing Ceremony Simultaneous Interpreting

June 3rd , 2016 Green Building and Eco-friendly Construction Materials Expo Simultaneous Interpreting

June 1st , 2016 2016 PPTD Conference Simultaneous Interpreting

May 25th , 2016 2016 Strategic Seminar on Macro Health Industry development and Talents Simultaneous Interpreting Participated by 2012 Nobel Prize Laureate Sir John Gurdon

May 19th , 2016 2016 China(Chengdu) Investment Conference on New Type Urban Developement Simultaneous Interpreting

May 15th -16th 2016 , International Top-level Forum on Engineering Sci and Tech Development Strategy , Innovation and Development of Structural and Structural Modal Properties Measurement and Application Simultaneous Interpreting

May 14th 2016 , International Forum For Architecture and Design Education , Simultaneous Interpreting

May 13th 2016 , China(Chengdu)-Cuba International Biomedical Industry Development Forum, Simultaneous Interpreting

May 5th -6th 2016 , The Summing-up and Sharing Workshop For High-Level Political Representative of EU-China DRMP Chengdu Pilot, Simultaneous Interpreting

Apr. 29th , 2016, Emei Tea Expo Open A New Era of Tea Tourism Summit, Simultaneous Interpreting

Apr. 22nd , 2016, WTCF Fragrance Hill Summit preparatory meeting, Simultaneous Interpreting

Apr. 20-21, 2016, 12th China Chongqing Hi-tech Fair – Training seminar for International Technology Transfer Managers and International Technology and Industrialization Forum, Simultaneous Interpreting

Apr. 13, 2016, Australia China Week – Agribusiness Investment Seminar, Simultaneous Interpreting

Nov. 17-18, 2015, International Conference on Green Manufacturing – the Future of Steel and Automobile 2015, Simultaneous Interpreting

Nov. 14, 2015, 23rd Elite Coaches Conference (Chengdu) Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov. 10-14, 2015, 2015 ICMSE – International Conference on Metal Solvent Extraction Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov. 10, 2015, Chengdu Consensus Roundtable Meeting On Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov. 09, 2015, 2015(Chengdu) Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair and The 10th EU-China Trade and Cooperation Fair Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov. 06, 2015, 2015(Chengdu) Urban Agglomeration High-End Dialogue Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov. 06, 2015, 5th Annual Southwest China Consular Cooperative Workshop Simultaneous Interpretation

November 7th 2015 UK China Xian One Belt One Road Business Seminar Simultaneous Interpretation

November 5th 2015 UK China Xian One Belt One Road Business Seminar Simultaneous Interpretation

October 31st 2015 1st International Regenerative Medicine and Health Industry Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

October 30th 2015 International Forrest Art Show Chengdu Art Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

October 29th 2015 Guizhou Stone Industry International Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

October 25th 2015 The 2nd 3D Bio-printing Emei Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

October 24th 2015 The 2nd International Forum on Intelligent Vehicle and The 5th Annual Conference of Telematics Industry Simultaneous Interpretation

October 23rd 2015 The 8th Western China International Sourcing Fair Simultaneous Interpretation

October 23rd 2015 Western China (Sichuan) Import Expo and International Investment Fair Simultaneous Interpretation

October 22nd 2015 The 3rd International Sport Communication Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

October 15 th 2015 A Dialogue With Jim Rogers Simultaneous Interpretation

October 12th -19th 2015 Lecture Series from Professor Ken Bain Simultaneous Interpretation

September 24th 2015 UK-China Urbanization Event Northern Powerhouse Business Event Simultaneous Interpretation

September 24th 2015 9th China Base Oil Summit Simultaneous Interpretation

September 23rd 2015 9th China Base Oil Summit Simultaneous Interpretation

September 22nd 2015 2015 International Summit Forum on Intelligent Manufacturing Simultaneous Interpretation

September 18th 2015 International Symposium on Oral-Systematic Health Simultaneous Interpretation

September 4th 2015 Shanghai Volkswagen the 18th Chengdu International Motor Show Press Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

August 29th 2015 Fluimucil COPD conference Simultaneous Interpretation

June 26th -27th Eco Forum Global Annual Conference Guiyang 2015 Simultaneous Interpretation

June 13th -14th Chinese Economists Society 2015 Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

June 5th 2015 The 3rd World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

April 23rd 2015 Australia Sichuan Aged Care and Health VET Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

March 23rd 2015 China International Alcholic Drinks Expo Opening Ceremony and International Alcoholic Industry Development Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

Jan 26th Crisis Management Workshop Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 12th-14th 2014 Michellin Bibendum Challenge Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 5th -6th 2014 International Shipping Summit Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 1st -2nd 2014 Education Forum for Asia Annual Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 26th International Conference on Public Administration Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 24th 2014 7th Western China International Cooperation Forum The Phoenix Financial Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 17th -18th 2014 Chongqing University Ecological Wisdom Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

September 24th-25th 2014 GMGDC Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

August 28th 2014 East Asia Summit Clean Energy Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

June 23rd 2014 Chongqing Yuzhong International IT services Outsourcing and Cross-Border Ecommerce Matchmaking Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

June 12th Seminar on Building Strong DRM Systems in Asia Simultaneous Interpretation

June 6th 2014 BIT’s 3rd Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials Simultaneous Interpretation

May 25th 2014 Shanghai VW New Polo Launch Simultaneous Interpretation

May 23rd 2014 SIPO Training Seminar On Intellectual Property Simultaneous Interpretation

May 18th 2014 China-ASEAN Furniture Industry Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

April 29th 2014 Chengdu International Legal Services Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

April 5th 2014 Chengdu-Dubai Equestrian Industry Development Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

March 23rd 2014 International Liquor Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

Jan 20th -21st 2014 Roaring Into Future Maserati Dealer Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

Dec 6th 2013 SUSE Open Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 22nd 2013 China Design Innovation Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 20th -21st 2013 China (Sichuan) International Logistics Expo Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 11th 2013 CADA International Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 10th 2013 Automotive Dealer Industry Annual Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

Nov 1st 2013 Leshan Giant Buddha Heritage Protection Workshop Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 26th 2013 Asia Education Forum Annul Meeting Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 25th 2013 China-India Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 23rd 2013 The 8th EU-China Trade and Business Cooperation Fair Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 22nd 2013 The 14th WCIF Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 19-20th 2013 The 14th International Symposium on Blood Substitute and Oxygen Therapeutics Simultaneous Interpretation

Oct 17th 2013 KMT Motor Lunch Press Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

September 14th 2013 2nd Summit of Global Travel Network CEOs Simultaneous Interpretation

September 10th 2013 35th IAHR World Congress Simultaneous Interpretation

August 23rd 2013 Cisco Connect Simultaneous Interpretation

August 19th -21st 2013 Intel China Academic Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

July 16th 2013 Chongqing University –PARC Cooperation Signing Ceremony Simultaneous Interpretation

July 1st Singapore –Luzhou Trade and Economic Exchange Seminar Simultaneous Interpretation

June 15th 2013 Tsinghua University –NCU EMBA Global Logistics Course Simultaneous Interpretation

June 7th 2013 Chengdu Fortune Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

May 29th 2013 International Forum on Biomedical Technology Cooperation and Technology Transfer Simultaneous Interpretation

April 11th 2013 International Mobile Internet Industry Summit Simultaneous Interpretation

November 30th 2012 The 2nd Forum on Human Resources( Kunming) and Rewarding Gratitude Banquet Simultaneous Interpretation

October 19th 2012 TUV Rheinland Co-Seminar Latest Regulations & Market Trends in Medical Devices Consecutive Interpretation

October 17th 2012 Siemens CT Seminar Simultaneous Interpretation

September 26th 2012 Western China Technology Transfer Seminar Simultaneous Interpretation

September 22nd -23rd 2012 Asia Education Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

September 14th 2012 The 1st Summit of Global Travel Network CEO Simultaneous Interpretation

September 13th 2012 The 10th China International Rescue and Salvage Conference Simultaneous Interpretation

September 7th 2012 Netease Auto Media Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

August 31st 2012 Chengdu International Auto show : Shanghai VW New Polo GTI Launching Ceremony Simultaneous Interpretation

June 21st -22nd 2012 The 4th APEC Fortune Forum-SMES Dialogue with Global 500 Simultaneous Interpretation

June 13th 2012 The 10th Nigeria-China Business and Investment Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

June 2nd 2012 The 9th World Biomaterials Congress International Top-level Forum on Engineering Science and Technology Development Strategy
─ Biomaterials Science and Engineering: the Present, Future and Development Strategy Simultaneous Interpretation

May 19th 2012 The Opening Ceremony of the 2nd China Chongqing Yongchuan Investment and Trade Fair & Project Signing Ceremony Simultaneous Interpretation

May 18th 2012 Chongqing International Sustainable Urban Development Forum Simultaneous Interpretation

May 12th 2012 The 1st Chongqing University International Symposium on Urban Sustainable Development.The 3rd International Symposium on Science of Human Settlements in Mountain Regions. Simultaneous Interpretation

April 20th 2012 The 5th West China Forum on Mini-invasive Thoracic Surgery
Simultaneous Interpretation

March 30th CNFEOL 2012 International summit conference on Chrome and Nickel
Simultaneous Interpretation

March 20th Chongqing-Seattle Green and Low Carbon Building Technology Forum
Simultaneous Interpretation

February 16th Risk Management for Going Global Seminar Consecutive Interpretation

December 15th The First International Forum of Leisure Cities Simultaneous Interpretation

November 19th 2011 China International Sustainable Economy Industrialization Expo (Chengdu)
Industry leaders & Entrepreneurs Forum of International Sustainable Economy Simultaneous Interpretation

November 12th 10,000 Women SWUFEE Graduation Ceremony Simultaneous Interpretation
Scholar Roundtable Meeting Simultaneous Interpretation
Press Briefing Simultaneous Interpretation

November 2nd China International Creative Design Week 2011 Seminar on Communication Design
Simultaneous Interpretation

October 25th Go-West Policy of China &Opportunities in Chongqing/Signing Ceremony
Simultaneous Interpretation

October 22nd Seminar on Heavy-load Locomotive Transmission Key Components Manufacturing Technology Simultaneous Interpretation

October 19th The 3rd US and China Business Federation Cooperation and Development Forum.Simultaneous Interpretation

October 18th Financial Times FT Urban Development Summit Simultaneous Interpretation

September 22nd Strategic Seminar on International Bridge and Tunnel Development.Simultaneous Interpretation

September 20th-21st International Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Summit Forum and Conference to Commemorate 115th Birthday of Master Mao Yisheng Simultaneous Interpretation

September 8th 2nd International Conference on Quality Control of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Products .Simultaneous Interpretation

September 5th Seminar on European Patent System Simultaneous Interpretation

August 27th-28th 2011 The 2nd World Hotel Association Conference.Simultaneous Interpretation

August 23rd International Seminar on Air Conditioning Simultaneous Interpretation

June 19th -23rd 2011 Proton Forum on Launching New Vehicle in China Simultaneous Interpretation

May14th -15th 2011 Proton New Vehicle Launching Focus Group Discussion Simultaneous Interpretation

May 13th China Synthetic Turf Industry Seminar 2011 Simultaneous Interpretation

April 21st-22nd 2011 Summit Forum on Low Carbon Economy and Sight-seeing Agriculture Simultaneous Interpretation

April 7th -8th 2011 Visteon auto internal craftsmanship focus group discussion simultaneous interpretation

Jan 22nd 2011 Fluke new product focus group discussion simultaneous interpretation

Nov 24th -26th 2010 International Forum on Protecting, Valorization and Presentation of Underwater culture Heritage simultaneous interpretation

Nov 16th 2010 China(Chengdu) International Creative Design Week Chengdu Forum simultaneous interpretation

Oct 28th -29th 2010 China-US Executive Secretaries Meeting on Science and Technology Cooperation Consecutive Interpretation

Oct 22nd 2010 China-US Legal Exchange simultaneous interpretation

Oct 21st 2010 Summit Forum on China Motorcycle simultaneous interpretation

Oct 19th 2010 EU-China Business & Technology Cooperative Fair V simultaneous interpretation

Sep 27th 2010 US-China Seminar On Prospect of New Energy Industry Cooperation simultaneous interpretation

Sep 28th 2010 China (Chengdu) New Energy International Summit & Fair Opening Ceremony and Summit Forum simultaneous interpretation

Sep 28th 2010 China-ASEAN Technology Seminar on the Application of New Energy and Renewable Energy simultaneous interpretation

Sep 29th 2010 PV Industry Technology and Development Forum simultaneous interpretation

Sep 16th 2010 The 2nd International Equestrian Forum of West China simultaneous interpretation

Sep 13th 2010 China-UK Rural Finance Seminar.0Consecutive Interpretation

Sep 10th 2010 Chongqing-England History Architecture Protection Forum simultaneous interpretation

Sep 9th 2010 UK-Chongqing Urban Planning and Design Forum simultaneous interpretation

Aug 10th 2010 Ocean Park Media & Trade Luncheon in Chengdu.Consecutive Interpretation simultaneous interpretation

July 16th 2010 UK-China Forum on Opportunity and Challenge of Consumer Electronics Consecutive Interpretation simultaneous interpretation

June 30th 2010 EU-China Forum on the Cooperation of the Advanced Technology of Bamboo Industry Consecutive Interpretation

June 26th 2010 International Forum on the Implementation of the Tort Liability Law simultaneous interpretation

June 18th -19th 2010 Coca Zero Focus Group discussion simultaneous interpretation

May 24th 2010 TAGHEUR Focus Group discussion simultaneous interpretation

May 21st 2010 The 4th APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum.Simultaneous interpretation

May 19th 2010 Negotiation meeting between Ener1 and Luzhou City Xinglu group Company Consecutive Interpretation

April 21st-22nd 2010 CAAC Forum on Full Flight Simulator Simultaneous interpretation

April 19th -20th 2010 The 9th China International Software Cooperation Conference Simultaneous interpretation

March 25th 2010 The 2010 UPR Industry Forum Simultaneous interpretation

Jan 27th -28th 2010 Sichuan-South Asia Regional Business Promotion Seminar Simultaneous interpretation

Dec 12-13th 2009 Pepsi Chettos Focus Group Discussion.Simultaneous interpretation

Dec 11th 2009 TNS RI Hyundai KIA Sportage SUV Focus Group Discussion Simultaneous interpretation

Oct 8th 2009 Symposium on Intellectual Property Protection of the Foreign Investment enterprises in China Simultaneous interpretation

July.2001-July2002 Interpreter, ChinaSichuanPost&Telecom Construction Engineering Bureau in Shanghai Bell 2oo, ooo Telephone Cable project in Bangladesh

Feb.2003-July 2003 Translator, Hartford company

Feb.2004-July 2004 consecutive Interpretation and Translator,Sichuan TOYOTA Company

June.2004 consecutive interpretation.UESTC ICCCAs international conference 2004

Feb.2006 Consecutive Interpretation, Honeywell in the 1st kickoff meeting of Indonesian Parawang plan

Nov.2006 Consecutive Interpretation, EU-China Partenariat 2006

November 2006 Culture Industry EXPO of West China (Sichuan, Chengdu) consecutive interpretation

June.2007 Consecutive Interpretation, Western China International Economy and Trade Fair

Oct.2008 Consecutive Interpretation, Western China International Economy and Trade Fair

June 19th – 22nd, 2009 Presentation meeting to the Six Gates wine Consecutive Interpreter Whispering Simultaneous Interpretation

Certificates and qualifications
CATTI Certificate
NAETI Certificate for interpreters

“ Zhuangzi in Translation-A Comparative Study of Two Translated Versions of Zhuangzi based on Steiner’s Hermeneutic Translation Mode”, graduate thesis, 2006.
“ Steiner’s View on Translation Under the Modern Hermeneutics Context on the Subjectivity of the Translation “ , Journal of Univerisity of Electronic Science and Technology China ( Social Sciences Edition) Vol.7, No.3, Sep.2005
“ The Comparative Approach to Politeness Principle in English and Chinese”, International Forum of Teaching and Studies, Vol.1, No.1, Summer 2005