Any ideas for a project that I can do on event photography?

Choosing event photography to document as well as showcase your company events – Event Photography is fast appearing to be an extremely beneficial tool to help report and promote your company events. In an overloaded and highly competitive market environment, innovative strategies are required to initiate sales, ignite advertising, and grab optimum attention. Businesses are increasingly realising the importance of holding special commercial situations such as party parties for their sales distributors and in–house sales teams, award ceremonies for many who achieve sales goals, new product start parties, special displays, shows and management meetings, motivational or instructional seminars for the employees, and other advertising and marketing activities. Holding such a conference is a massive exercise in public relations and if it is performed well, it can gather great word:of-oral cavity publicity for the business as well as get noticed by the local media. This is where a conference photographer can play an important role. An event photographer is a professional in his industry, who knows exactly how to capture the most prominent moments as well as the most important Page rank pictures of the day.

Question: Any ideas for a project that I can do on event photography?
I have to do a school project on event photography since I am in digital communications but I have no ideas on how to get strarted. Help??

Best answer:
Event photography is a common photographic theme. It can be social events like picnics,food festivals, parades or concerts, corporate events like meetings or seminars, sports events etc. The idea usually is to capture the people doing something not posed. I don’t know what events there are in your area but there are bound to be a bunch to choose from in the summer. Get any of those free newspapers that most cities have in resturants telling whats happening, ours here is called Style Magazine but almost every city has something like it. Go to craigslist and look in the events section.