Chengdu Temple Fair

The Chengdu Temple Fair to open on Feb. 3 will present a lantern show, cultural performances, a bazaar of handicrafts featuring local intangible cultural heritage, a fair of food and snacks, a fan exhibition and a crabapple blossoms show, etc. During the event, Little Gods of Happiness acted by local children will send blessings to visitors at the museum.

A traditional ceremony to worship the God of Happiness (also known as the God of Auspiciousness) will be held on the first day of the Chinese New Year (Feb. 5, 2019). The ritual has a history which can be traced back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Large grouped lanterns themed stories about the Three Kingdoms (220-280) and Chinese zodiac animals, as well as festive lanterns, animal-shaped lanterns and palace lanterns will be set up at the venue, which will be a dazzling wonderland for visitors.
The main stage will be set up at the square in front of the Jianxin Palace, on which professional performance troupes from home and abroad will show dance, Chinese opera, acrobatics, and other performances.