Long Mouth Tea-pot Show

Chinese tea culture is profound, and the performing of long mouth tea-pot is more aesthetic.
The long mouth tea-pot is a peculiar tea service of our country. It has a long history.The performance is the most favorite folk culture of crowd, is the part of tea ceremony.Long mouth tea-pot performance make the cultural atmosphere and folk flavor in the tea house. To improve the enjoyment of drinkers

The tea art has high practicability and view.At present, China such people is relatively rarely, because the average holding the pot rarely performing arts talent.

1.Increase the impact of water for tea, effective material from has a positive significance;
2.Crowded house, long mouth kettle can extend the service space, reduce the patrons of the interrupt;
3.Long mouth kettle popular in green tea consumption in one reason, is because tea is natural to maintain the water temperature will not too hot;
4.long mouth kettle tea can use body language to convey various meanings, to establish a unique, is the cultural foundation of communication;
5.long mouth kettle tea can improve or train tea drinkers tea enjoyment and interest, scheduling play tea house culture atmosphere and folk breath.