Guzheng or Chinese table harp Show

Guzheng is one of the unique, ethnic musical instruments in China, which origin native with Chinese long history.
It has beautiful timbre, expansive compass with the rich playing skills and expressive, so it is deeply loved by people.

“High mountain running water” The song in drum was widely spread in the folk, which has a beautiful story, BoYa, by playing the song, meet a bosom friend. The music is deep, clear fluid, image, to describe mountains and oceans . To display the specialty of Guzheng, it provide the rich expressive field

This is a classic Gaohu solo “The Butterfly Lovers”. It’s a well-known Chinese legend “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”, who are the protagonists of a tragic love story. It is often regarded as Romeo and Juliet in China.

Guzheng is an han nationality traditional musical instruments.
belongs to the plucked instruments has 13 strings in Tang and Song dynasty, after 18 strings, 21 strings. At present the most commonly used specification is for the 21 strings.

Zheng is commonly used in solo, ensemble, instrumental ensemble and dance, opera, acrobatics accompaniment, Because of the broad range, sound beautiful, known as the” Oriental piano”.