Chinese Calligraphy Show

Calligraphy is the art forms of a few written words in the world. Chinese Calligraphy is a unique traditional art of Chinese characters.
Calligraphy of Chinese characters for Chinese original art, known as, “ silent poetry, invisible dance, no figure painting, silent music”.

“Chinese calligraphy” is a unique traditional art of Chinese characters.

In China and deeply influenced surrounding countries by Chinese culture, Calligraphy is a unique beautiful art form.

Calligraphy and other things, is in constant development and change, this must cause the calligraphy circles attach great importance too.

Chinese calligraphy of the five main style, namely the Kai calligraphy style (including Weibei, block), Running Script (including the Xingkai, cursive script, cursive) (contains chapter, grass, grass, Standard Cursive Script),style (including the ancient scribe, this part), seal style (including the large seal script, the script).