CHENGDU DFYS DMC — Global Multilingualism Translation & Interpretation Center

Relying on the partnership with EU Project Incubation Center (the exclusive incubation center of EU to China). we provide service for EU muti-language processing business and academic exchange and technical transfer etc. We cooperate with Sichuan Translators Association, Chengdu Translators Association, Sichuan International study University, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures Sichuan University.

In pursuit of customer’s maximum satisfaction.Leading to client’s fast success. We provide the service as below:
Translation and Interpretation Tourism
Foreign language training Translation and Interpretation training
Convention and Exhibition Business consulting

CHENGDU DFYS DMC — Global Multilingualism Translation & Interpretation Center supplies comprehensive and professional high-end translation services and focuses on document translation, financial and legal translation, technical translation of petroleum, contract tenders translation, audio-visual translation, interpretation for business, and on-site interpretation, consecutive interpretation; simultaneous interpretation and other language interpretations, etc. We also provide service including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and volunteer services. Facilitate you overcoming language and cultural barriers; we’re looking forward to becoming your most trustworthy partner on your path to globalization.

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We are your reliable Multilingualism Solution in Chengdu Southwest China.

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