Top 10 Reasons to Choose CHENGDU DFYS DMC – Conference Management Service

1.Small Company with large company experience
Knowledgeable on CME requirements
Professional meeting planning
Combined 10+ years in experience among the meeting executives

2.Always looking for ways to help save money for organizations
Reducing costs by evaluating the final budget each year
Best interest for optimal savings for all parties involved
When we save you money – we could be saving a client

3.Personalized one on one service
Formulate business relationships to capture your exact needs
Your success is our goal
Development & implement what you envision – getting to understand you better by working closely with you

4.Outsourcing your meeting department needs with HENGDU DFYS DMC
You don’t have to:
Incur hiring/terminating costs
Have benefits
Train new staff

5.Best interest for the growth of each meeting
Increased meeting attendance
Evaluating needs assessment
Utilizing surveys to develop & plan future meetings

6.Can manage an entire meeting or a small portion
Define your need to acclimate your budget
Optimize the value of your meeting in any or every area with a professional
You have the option to start out small and grow together

Anticipate, prepare, project, and change
Methodical in planning

Controlling costs
Increasing meeting quality
Successful & calm while multi tasking

9.Positive Attitudes!

10.Value Each Customer
Make their experience worth their time
Represent each meeting director by revealing an elite professional presentation
Cater to exactly what each client wants and needs with sincere guidance from our meeting executives to develop what is in their best interest