Logistical Services of CHENGDU DFYS DMC

Marketing and promotion
Promoting and marketing the meeting to the proper clients will attract the most attendees possible. Producing informed needs assessment will optimize the attendance and help elevate the marketing development.

AV team management
We have a seasoned staff of AV management that has encountered and experienced any possible issues on site during a medical conference. You can feel comfortable and confident with our staff knowing you and your attendees will receive the most professional and experienced service during the conference

Registration database
We build an elaborate database for each of our clients focusing on the area of specialty for the meeting. This database includes all the areas of profession you want to reach out and promote the meeting to. There is extensive research done with the registration database and our marketing team to again optimize your meeting. Our meeting developed registration database is another key factor in meeting management that CMS offers. Maintaining a detailed and exclusive database will give the capability for all parties involved to print up a report or reference information whenever necessary.

On-site management
Conference Management Solutions can provide on site management along with a staff if needed or required. CMS handles registration operations, which would include all walk-ins, pre-registered attendees, industry, and faculty arrival.

There will be one person managing the registration desk, one person managing the AV communication, and another managing the exhibit hall operation. The CMS experienced staff will maintain a calm and professional environment that will keep the attendees informed and relaxed to assist in operating a well-managed meeting.

Budget development
CMS works with the client to review and approve the budget. This is an ongoing project throughout the planning of the conference all the way through the post conference process.

Industry and financial support
Industry support is a vital aspect that should be closely monitored and tracked to determine the financial outcome of the meeting. CMS will take the initiative to begin contacting and promoting the meeting to industry. We are very experienced with the necessary procedures to have companies approve the funds as well as being completely informed of the ACCME requirements for documentation and procedures. CMS will assure accurate and precise documentation to be filed properly. The communication between CMS and the directors is imperative with this portion.

Faculty communication
Faculty communication is assigned to one of our faculty coordinators. We will offer a web page that communicates with your faculty anytime, anywhere. The coordinator that will handle your faculty coordination will also be on-site at the conference to allow a seamless experience for all faculty members

Website development
Web sites are another great form of marketing in a cost conscience manner. We have the capability and staff at CMS to develop a web site for your meeting. Our seasoned web site development team has medical meeting web site experience to guide our clients through an effortless process of what a medical meeting web site should include and provide.

Destination management
This will couple with our on site management team. We provide materials and information to the attendees about the meeting and the functions and site seeing items in the area.