Event Management

A product launch, the company anniversary, sales target achieved or any special event could mark the onset of a corporate event. It demands pure professionalism as there is interaction with people from the high-end category.

We are spurring up to provide these professional services. We have a team of experienced staff who provide a complete event management consultancy. Dedicated to making everything work for you. Working to realise your agenda. The first service of event management begins with planning. It is in the pre-event stage that maximum thinking is carried out. Themes, creative platforms are visualized. Brainstorming sessions are carried out to conclude on a consensus of the theme and the process. Our executive attend meetings, hold dialogues with the bosses to realize the objective of the event. We then take it off with creative ideas to arrive at a theme for the event.

A corporate event demands a little corporate look. The food and the style need to blend with the corporates and make the bosses comfortable. Hence it ought to be prepared and presented with ultimate efficiency. But that is if the top-notches are involved.

Our Team do

Assists the client in working out the process of attracting, registering and reminding attendees of the event.
Promotions, road shows and the necessary activities are carried out.
Place ads on the internet. Attract netizens with appealing virtual environments.
The main event is rehearsed as training and coaching of the performers gets into the picture.
Looks after the dancers, musicians, suppliers of chairs, tables, flowers etc.
Arrange Media Conferences.
Help to select and arrange venue.
Decide on the dinner and the cocktail party that will follow.
Arrange food and beverages, furniture, the speakers, and microphones.
Make sure everyone get a seat.
Car parking is made available.
Logistics Planning, Hotel Booking for guests, Badge Production, Technical Support, Online Registration, Website Hosting, Transportation, Shipping and Fund Raising.
Telemarketing is carried out to remind the public of the oncoming event.
The services do not end at the close of an event. It goes ahead into post event management. Debriefings are held. Evaluations are undertaken so that the success of the event can be realized. An event whether targeted for customers, suppliers or within the organization itself, has to be well organized to obtain maximum output.